Protect your smile, take your sports game to the next level with custom mouthguards

As its name suggests, mouthguards refer to those oral appliances that protect or “guard” your mouth from injuries caused by contact sports and other activities, which can result in blows to the face or jaw. Sports mouthguards at our practice in Lake Oswego, Oregon, are “custom-made.” This characteristic is essential; it means that Dr. Brad Sievert and our team at Westlake Family Dentistry design mouthpieces made to fit the contours of your teeth and gums precisely and optimally. Customized and precision-fit mouthguards facilitate optimal protection from objects or other athletes who may come in contact with your face, teeth, jaws, and related parts of your head and neck.

Additionally, these appliances present a comfortable alternative to off-the-shelf  “boil and bite” mouthguards. These devices can be easily found online or at sporting goods stores. They are designed to support a “universal fit.” One-size-fits-all often means “one-size-fits-none.” So, at best, these guards may be uncomfortable and slide around. This undesirable consequence of “universal” bulk products can result in an appliance that doesn’t get used or is worn infrequently. What good is a mouthguard that isn’t worn? For starters, it cannot function as intended. You or your child are then unprotected, vulnerable to costly and traumatic injuries. A few more perks or well-fitting mouthguards, in a nutshell, include:

  • Appliances that are not built to fit the athlete can even impair endurance and performance. 
  • Our mouthguards are also fashioned from the finest materials. 
  • You can trust that these preventive devices will withstand the test of time and all that your favorite sports and activities put them through. 
  • While they are incredibly durable, our custom mouthguards present yet another benefit: You have the ongoing guidance of a professional dentist and dental team on your side. 

More to the last point, during routine visits to our practice, Dr. Sievert will check that the mouthguard still fits well and that it remains in good condition. He can also discuss techniques to clean and care for this investment in your health and smile and oral care products to make the process easier and more effective. 

For utmost safety 

Oral injuries caused while playing sports or related activities often require extensive restorative care; these treatments are largely more costly, time-consuming, and less “tissue-preserving” than preventive or maintenance dental services. Beyond protecting your mouth, jaws, and other tissues from the need for such care, custom mouthguards, when worn as directed, have also been linked in research to a reduced risk of severe concussions. It’s thought that the mouthguard helps limit movement and absorbs some of the forces upon the impact that is transferred from the face to the base of the skull. 

Be sure to ask about how sports mouthguards can protect your smile, health, and sports performance, and endurance during your checkup. Or contact us today to schedule an appointment. Call Westlake Family Dentistry at (503) 386-4164