Dental Sealants that are appropriate for all ages and protect healthy smiles

As your destination for preventive dentistry, Westlake Family Dentistry in Lake Oswego, Oregon, is privileged to offer clinically proven, conservative, non-invasive services to protect your teeth and to reverse early-stage effects of enamel erosion and dental disease. One of the easiest and most powerful ways that Dr. Brad Sievert keeps or restores dental health is with sealants.

“Seal out” decay

Dental sealants are often discussed in terms of pediatrics or young dental patients. However, sealants can be an appropriate preventive service for patients across a wide spectrum of ages. They are often referred to as a cornerstone of preventive pediatric dentistry because many dentists may recommend them when the pre-molars and molars erupt through the gums. These back teeth largely appear starting at around the age of 6. So, it is for this reason that sealants may be (erroneously) associated with children and children only.

Sealants are very attractive to youth and their parents and caregivers alike. They can be applied quickly in a single visit. The sealant itself is a BPA-free and safe liquid that may be brushed on precisely by Dr. Sievert to the grooved surfaces of the back teeth. These teeth tend to be vulnerable to tooth decay. Food debris and bacteria get “trapped” in these pitted surfaces and fissures. Additionally, back teeth can be harder to clean well and easily consistently due to their locations. So, you should see sealants as an oral care “helper.”

While the sealant is applied as a liquid, it hardens to become a strong and durable covering. With this covering over the decay-prone grooved surfaces, your tooth is protected. The sealant quite literally “seals out” decay-producing germs and lingering food.

Sealants: Backed by science

The American Dental Association reports that dental sealants on permanent or adult molars have been shown to reduce the risk of cavities by 80%. Also, the ADA says that research indicates sealants may positively affect halting the progression of existing decay among those patients with (nonactivated) decay or damage to these tooth surfaces. Dental sealants are applied painlessly. They are appropriate for patients with tooth sensitivity, as they are so well-tolerated. As dentists, we also have additional products to minimize the risk of sensitivity or discomfort. We also regularly check the sealants during routine visits (checkups and professional cleanings) at our office. In this manner, we can assure the sealant is holding up as it should be, and we can also address any concerns you may have.

Whether you are 6 or 60, sealants may be in your future. Remember: As we get older, new challenges to our lifelong healthy and attractive smiles can arise. You may suddenly find that your teeth are vulnerable to decay for the first time in later adulthood. Increased risk of decay and holes or cavities in the teeth can arise due to chronic medical conditions or even the medications used to treat those diseases.

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