Fluoride treatments, the powerful, cavity-fighting protection

Take it from your trusted dental partners at Westlake Family Dentistry: Fluoride is an effective way to prevent cavities and reverse the effects of tooth decay. Led by Dr. Brad Sievert, our team in Lake Oswego, Oregon, is happy to serve individuals and families throughout the area, including West Linn and South Portland. We believe that patients are best served with proactive dentistry. Why recommend treatments when you can prevent the conditions that lead to damage and the need for restorative procedures and products? Generally, preventive services and clinically proven effective and safe products, like fluoride, are convenient, gentle, painless, fast, non-traumatic, conservative, and cost-effective.

The toothy truth about fluoride

Fluoride is nothing to fear. It is, instead, a beneficial natural mineral that can be found in many sources all around us. Numerous studies have connected the dots between the introduction of fluoride supplementation to municipal water systems and the dramatic reduction in the rates of childhood tooth decay within those communities. Fluoride “works its magic” by building up the minerals (remineralizing) in the teeth. The decay process can considerably weaken the tooth structure. As the protective tooth enamel is eroded and the process progresses, the tooth becomes increasingly vulnerable to damage that can threaten its structural integrity.

Fluoride can bulk up a weak tooth when introduced into your hygiene routine or supplemented by our friendly team. It contributes favorably to preserving a tooth with enamel erosion or cavities and is also a tremendous preventive measure (to stop cavities before they form).

Fluoride at the dentist’s office

Professional fluoride treatments can be applied in several ways, including varnishes, foams, or rinses. They are an exceptional complement to good oral hygiene and oral care products used at home, such as fluoride toothpaste.

Dr. Sievert can integrate fluoride supplementation into your next checkup. Call us today at (503) 386-4164 to schedule your appointment at our Lake Oswego practice.