Professional teeth whitening can brighten your teeth to look cleaner and more attractive.

Teeth whitening can take years off the appearance of your teeth, making both your smile and you look more youthful and vibrant!

Composite Fillings

Replacing old silver (amalgam) fillings with composite fillings restores your teeth and smile to a more natural-looking appearance.

Composite fillings fit well, feel great, and perhaps best of all, they look natural so no one but you and Dr. Sievert will know you have a filling.


This patient’s tooth developed with a brown area. As she grew up and entered junior high, she was more self-conscious about it. We were able to conservatively improve the appearance of the tooth so she could smile proudly again!

Chipped teeth are common, whether they are a result of falling down or a sports injury. Dr. Sievert is skilled at making repairs to chipped teeth so they look as good as new.

Six Month Smiles®

Dianne had been frustrated for years with crooked upper and lower teeth. The crowding of her teeth also made adequate cleaning difficult. After Six Month Smiles®, not only does Dianne have a smile she can be confident about, but it’s much easier now for her to take care of her straight teeth!

Gwen was always embarrassed by her smile. For years, she could not afford to have her teeth straightened. Then she learned just how affordable Six Month Smiles is. Now that she’s undergone the Six Month Smiles treatment, she can’t stop smiling!

Sara has a beautiful smile, but neglected to wear her retainers as a teenager after having her traditional braces removed. As a result, her lower front teeth relapsed and became crowded again. Following Six Month Smiles treatment on just her lower teeth, Sara once again has a gorgeous smile!

Smile Makeovers

This patient was always embarrassed to show his teeth. After getting veneers to improve the shape and alignment of his teeth, he had a newfound confidence and the transformation was truly life changing.

A smile makeover can rejuvenate a smile that has inconsistent color and/or shape from years of patchwork dentistry.

This patient had suffered wear and damage to his front teeth since high school. We were able to give him a healthy and attractive smile again using porcelain veneers. Contact us if your smile needs a second chance!

Because of a poor dental bonding treatment, this patient had lived with two yellow front teeth for years. We were able to fix those teeth to give her a smile with uniform color and a beautiful appearance!

Molly had decades of mismatched dental work. We were able to make-over her smile, giving Molly a natural-looking, bright, and healthy smile that she enjoys showing off!

Mike had a lifetime of mismatched dental work on teeth that were very crowded, distracting from his pleasant personality. We straightened his teeth with Six Month Smiles and then provided Mike a smile he could be confident with using modern and natural-looking dental materials.

This patient came to us with decades of dental neglect, severe periodontal (gum) disease, and fractured teeth. Using dental implants, we were able to restore his mouth to be healthy and attractive again.

This patient had suffered from severe wear to his teeth for many years. After breaking his front tooth, he decided it was time to restore his teeth and smile. By rebuilding his teeth, we gave him a better bite and a great looking smile! Can you spot the two dental implants among his front teeth?

Often times years of patchwork dentistry adds up to a mismatch of colors, shapes, and esthetics.  This patient had previously undergone an attempt to improve his front teeth but with poor attention to balance, harmony, and health.  Unfortunately, the work began to fail.  We used beautiful, modern porcelain restorations to give his front teeth a completely new life with healthy contours and design.  The results are stunning!