A highly versatile, comfortable “twist” on conventional braces with Six Month Smiles®

Six Month Smiles® at the office of Westlake Family Dentistry in Lake Oswego, Oregon, presents a versatile way to correct a wide range of cosmetic and complex alignment and bite-related conditions. By using both a “twist” on traditional braces and a removable alternative to conventional orthodontic treatment, patients of Dr. Brad Sievert can quite literally straighten their teeth and correct other imbalances in, on average, just six months! They do so in a way that is comfortable, discreet, speedy, precise, and, overall, much more pleasant than the “metal mouth” of yesteryear.

Invisible Aligners

During a consultation at our practice, Dr. Sievert may determine you are a candidate for Six Month Smile’s proprietary invisible aligners treatment. Patients with modest crowding and gapped teeth are among those that can benefit from these custom oral appliances. Our aligners are made from an advanced material that is highly transparent. So, they won’t be visible when you smile or laugh. Additionally, the material is designed to fit your mouth and incrementally and gently reposition the teeth. What this means for you, the patient is that your comfort is retained throughout treatment. Also, the risk of irritation is minimized, and these unique characteristics support a no-hassle and efficient adjustment period.

When worn as directed by our dentist, you can get evenly-spaced, healthy, and attractive-looking teeth in as few as four months.

Clear Braces

Our transparent, super-fast alternative to brackets and wires made from silver-hued stainless steel may be appropriate for patients with more extensive orthodontic concerns. For instance, if your upper teeth jut out over your lower teeth when you bite, our tooth-colored brackets and wires use tried-and-true orthodontic techniques to correct such “overbite effectively.” Likewise, patients whose lower teeth protrude beyond their upper teeth when they bite down (“underbite”) may also complete treatment in around six months. The proprietary brackets and wires are not just cosmetically appealing; they are also uniquely designed to facilitate successful, short-term orthodontic treatment. For example, Lucid Lok™ wires are specially-formed to apply consistent forces, and they work in conjunction with our pre-positioned Lucid Lok™ brackets for optimal gentle and precision tooth movement.

To find out more about the process, and if you are a candidate for Six Month Smiles®, invisible aligners, or clear braces, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sievert. Call Westlake Family Dentistry at 503-636-4576.