Boost your smile appeal with Personalized Dental Makeovers

We all know what an instant confidence boost a tailored or well-fitting suit or outfit provides or the immediate lift that we get from a new haircut that is suited perfectly to our style and personality. As much as an outfit or a haircut can make you feel like a billion bucks, the hair always grows out. Our tastes and fashions tend to be fickle. What was in season or in style is now yesterday’s news. Fortunately, Westlake Family Dentistry knows that an attractive, healthy, and vibrant smile never looks dated and is always on-trend and in season. Makeovers designed by Dr. Brad Sievert also suit you, your personal preferences, and your facial characteristics to a “t.” Here are just a few of the ways we can make over your smile and confidence.

Lift stains

Your daily coffee or tea habit may be to blame for “less-than-pearly whites.” However, we can break up stains and whiten teeth with whitening trays or oral appliances designed to fit your mouth well. This feature allows for even and comfortable whitening. For those patients with stubborn intrinsic discoloration, Dr. Sievert may recommend dental bonding or porcelain veneers to disguise discolored teeth. For those dark spots or pits that indicate cavities or other oral conditions, restorative treatments such as composite dental fillings may be in order.

Smooth chips

While the enamel that protects our teeth is stronger than any other body part, including skeletal bone, it is not impervious to breakage. Teeth marred by chips, fractures, or cracks can be corrected with indirect porcelain veneers or direct composite veneers or bonding. For teeth that are considerably weakened, dental restorations such as porcelain may be necessary to rebuild the structure of the tooth. The teeth can be manually contoured as well, which is a simple and straightforward process that requires Dr. Sievert’s skill to reshape the tooth. To protect the treated teeth, we can also discuss the likes of custom nightguards or oral appliances should your teeth be vulnerable to fracturing from teeth-grinding.

Correct uneven spacing

Crooked, crowded, misaligned teeth and bite problems are no match for Dr. Sievert’s range of orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry options. If you have excess spaces between teeth, versatile veneers may be a great way to cover up the space and to provide the appearance of more uniformly positioned and evenly-spaced teeth. If you have more extensive teeth straightening and bite correction needs, we may recommend modern orthodontic technologies such as Invisalign®. A series of removable, clear aligners are worn to gradually reposition teeth comfortably and discreetly.

A pretty smile often also equates to pretty good oral health! So, contact us today at (503) 662-9176 to schedule your visit to our office. We will evaluate your teeth and gums during an appointment and discuss what you’d like to fix about your smile.