Taking the stress out of tooth extractions

Dental extractions at our Lake Oswego, Oregon practice, are nothing to fear. Our light-touch, precise, and advanced approach to tooth removal supports the most comfortable experience, uneventful and speedy healing, and predictable, low-risk outcomes. Led by Dr. Brad Sievert, Westlake Family Dentistry develops close partnerships with patients built on a cornerstone of routine hygiene appointments and exams. We recommend home care products and techniques during these visits, administer professional preventive services, and use advanced diagnostics to prevent and resolve early-stage conditions and preserve natural teeth. With tools and knowledge that support proactive care, we can avoid many of the causes of irreparable damage and tooth loss.

Wisdom teeth represent a notable exception to this rule. Individuals often do not have sufficient space in their mouths to accommodate the last permanent teeth to erupt through the gums. These teeth, known as “third molars,” can become trapped or impacted in the jaw. Impacted wisdom teeth can be rather painful and give rise to complications such as damage to surrounding teeth. Even with impacted wisdom teeth, though, we can monitor them during regular appointments. If they are not developing correctly, their removal will be recommended before discomfort and other potential issues arise.

A straightforward process

Dental extractions are a standard, well-tolerated procedure. Sometimes, if the tooth is mostly intact and visible above the gum line, it may be loosened from its socket and removed that way. Other surgical approaches involve accessing a broken or impacted tooth by opening up the tissue and removing the troublesome teeth in this manner. Extractions are primarily administered using a precision anesthetic. So, you don’t feel anything! We can also discuss sedative options to keep you relaxed throughout treatment, especially if you are apprehensive about the process.

Dr. Sievert and our team take pride in our clear communication with patients. You will receive thorough instructions on what to expect (and what to do) before and after treatment. We’ll also provide complete details on what to eat and how to care for the extraction site following your visit. Semi-soft foods can generally be incorporated gradually into your diet in the days following treatment (after the first 24 hours). Take care to avoid any behaviors that might dislodge the blood clot that forms at the extraction site. These behaviors include using straws to suck up drinks or smoking cigarettes. The use of tobacco, too, can interfere with healing.

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