Treatment of traumatic oral injuries

“Trauma” to a tooth or another part of the body can mean a number of different things. By definition, we at Westlake Family Dentistry in Lake Oswego, Oregon, are talking about injuries, such as wounds, caused by external “agents.” So, trauma related to the oral cavity spans injuries to the teeth and mouth. These injuries may be caused by contact with objects during sports or physical activities or by falls or car accidents. Led by Dr. Brad Sievert, our team is well-positioned to treat traumatic oral injuries swiftly, precisely, and gently. We leverage considerable skill and training with advanced technologies to pinpoint the nature of the injury or damage and tailor treatment to your needs.

It is important to emphasize that the nature of “dental trauma” or “oral injuries” varies tremendously from person to person. So, the interventions that are recommended can also look quite different from patient to patient. Just a few examples of trauma that we have expertly resolved include:

  • Avulsed or knocked-out teeth – A tooth can be knocked out of its socket. This can result during sports activities or following accidents associated with sufficiently significant force to dislodge the tooth fully.
  • Loose teeth – A tooth that has been slightly lifted or repositioned from its socket, also as the result of contact, falls, or other accidents, is also vulnerable to being lost for good.
  • Fractures – Teeth can be severely weakened due to the mechanical force from grinding or clenching teeth or due to progressive conditions such as tooth decay. Acids break down the tooth structure and supportive tissues. Cracks can manifest in so many different ways and range from minor chips to almost completely split teeth.
  • Damaged roots – Root cracks are a severe form of fracturing. Any time pressure is placed on the teeth excessively. It can result in fractured roots underneath the gumline.

Still, other types of trauma can drive the tooth into the supportive bone in the jaw. Keep in mind that not all oral trauma affects the hard tissues, the teeth, and associated bone. Soft tissue injuries to the inside of the cheeks, lips, or other areas can arise that are more than a mere inconvenience. We will not know what is the best way to address your pain and other symptoms resulting from injuries or trauma until after the affected tissues are evaluated.

We encourage you to schedule your appointment today by calling (503) 386-4164. Some of these injuries can be prevented with services such as custom mouthguards and nightguards to protect from sports-related dental injuries and injuries caused by teeth-grinding. So, it is important to get into a healthy habit of regular visits to our office for check-ups and professional cleanings.