Fear no dentist or dental visit experience the power of relaxing sedation dentistry

We welcome fearful and anxious patients! Our team in Lake Oswego, Oregon, is privileged to treat patients who have been plagued by negative experiences or childhood memories at other dentist’s offices. Led by Dr. Brad Sievert, Westlake Family Dentistry takes great pride in introducing formerly apprehensive patients to modern, gentle dentistry. Our friendly, skilled staff and advanced technologies support our practice’s most comfortable, convenient, hassle-free, and stress-free process. We, too, get a little support in this mission in the form of sedation.

Fighting fear

There is sure to be a method that is appropriate to ease your specific concerns. As with all treatments and adjuncts at our practice, sedation methods are clinically proven to be safe, facilitate predictable outcomes, and are tailored to your needs. More to this point, Dr. Sievert evaluates your medical history. He also answers any questions you may have to help address your concerns. The techniques and technologies that we use or simply getting to know more about today’s options for treatment can eliminate some sources of fear or triggers. Sometimes, all it takes is merely talking to our dental team and finding out more about the procedure. The unknown is often a source of fear, and we work hard to assure all of our patients are well-informed.

Options for every patient

Depending on what we find out about during our consultation and evaluation, Dr. Sievert may recommend options such as nitrous oxide. You may know nitrous oxide as “laughing gas.” The relaxing gas is administered via a small nasal mask. Due to the neutralizing effects of oxygen, nitrous can be adjusted quickly, and the calming effects wear off rapidly. In turn, laughing gas is appropriate for our pediatric patients and our more “experienced” patients. There is no lingering drowsiness, which is associated with other forms and levels of sedation dentistry. Patients can safely drive themselves home and operate machinery after their treatment is complete. It is a no-downtime process!

Dr. Sievert may recommend oral sedation for patients undergoing more complex or lengthy procedures or with more severe anxiety. This option refers to taking a calming medication as directed by him. We will assess the best alternative after reviewing your medical records. Patients generally remain awake but relaxed and without a care in the world. Since these pills induce drowsiness that can persist after treatment, you must arrange a ride to and from our office.

It is incredible how much better our patients feel about dentistry and the state of their smiles after just one visit to our practice. Do not put off the treatment; you need to be healthy and confident. Call us at (503) 386-4164 to schedule your appointment in Lake Oswego and proudly serving West Linn and South Portland.