Dental Technologies at Westlake Family Dentistry

At Westlake Family Dentistry, we strongly believe our patients are entitled to the most comfortable, safe, and effective treatments available today. Whether you’re visiting us for a dental cleaning, examination, or one of our many other dental services, we will use the latest in dental technology to help ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Dr. Sievert is dedicated to upholding the highest of standards in patient care and satisfaction.

Technologies at Westlake Family Dentistry

Cutting-Edge Dental Treatment at Westlake Family Dentistry

At Westlake Family Dentistry, we are passionate about our patients. We are uncompromising in our technology, your comfort, and in the quality of our work. Whether your dental needs are simple or complex, Dr. Sievert is qualified and our experienced team is here to make sure you feel safe. Come and enjoy dental care at a Lake Oswego dental office, unlike anything you have ever experienced!

Here at Westlake Family Dentistry, we’re excited to have these technologies in our office. If you have any questions about our technologies, don’t hesitate to ask. Bring it up on your next visit or call us at (503) 386-4164.

Diagnodent Detects Tooth Decay Before It’s Visible

Visual examinations and x-rays can help us find decay on the surfaces of your teeth, but sometimes these methods are less effective at discovering decay inside a tooth. That’s why Dr. Sievert uses the Diagnodent Pen during your appointment.

Diagnodent Pen - Westlake Family Dentistry

How Westlake Family Dentistry Can Help: Diagnodent Uses Laser Scanning To Protect You From Tooth Decay

Diagnodent is a small portable laser that can detect even the smallest area of tooth decay before it’s visible. This highly advanced dental technology is non-invasive and painless.

Diagnodent uses a safe laser scanning system to measure fluorescence inside each tooth’s structure. Healthy teeth have little or no fluorescence whereas teeth with decay have higher levels of fluorescence. Diagnodent allows us to spot danger areas before they’re visible to the naked eye.

More often than not, decay is not noticed until it’s too late. By the time cavities are noticed or felt, damage has already been done. Some cavities never even show on the surface of your tooth. Diagnodent helps us catch decay in its earliest stages (even when hidden), before it leads to further damage.

Here at Westlake Family Dentistry we’re excited to have this technology in our office. Early cavity detection means we can better protect your teeth. If you have any questions about Diagnodent don’t hesitate to ask. Bring it up in your next visit or call us at (503) 386-4164.

How Westlake Family Dentistry Reduces Radiation Exposure From Patient X-rays

Film x-rays have been used in dentistry for decades. In the past few years many forward thinking dentists like Dr. Sievert have invested in digital x-ray technology. Film x-rays cost a bit less than digital x-rays but the long term exposure to film x-rays can be very harmful to a patient’s overall health. Our digital x-ray uses as much as 85% less radiation than traditional x-ray technology.


Digital X-rays - Westlake Family Dentistry

Why Westlake Family Dentistry Invested In Digital X-ray Technology?

Digital x-rays are one of the most important new advances to our office. We are not only able to reduce your exposure to radiation but also increase the diagnostic proficiency. In addition to increased diagnostics we reduce the amount of harmful chemicals and other waste materials associated with traditional x-ray technology. The reduction in waste was a big consideration when deciding to invest in digital technology. We pride ourselves in being ‘green’ and environmentally responsible.

At your next dental visit please ask us about any additional questions regarding our new digital x-ray technology or give us a call at (503) 386-4164. Our first concern is your comfort and long term overall health.

Improving Our Patients Dental Experience

We’ve found that sometimes it’s difficult for our patients to understand the condition of their teeth the way that Dr. Sievert does. One way that we improve our patients dental experience is through the use of an intraoral camera in our diagnosis.


Intraoral Camera - Westlake Family Dentistry

What Is An Intraoral Camera?

An intraoral camera is a small pen-like device with a camera on the end. The camera contains a bright LED which helps us diagnose cavities or fractures that are difficult to see with the naked eye. The camera is connected to a monitor which allows you to see up close what Dr. Sievert is seeing. This dramatically improves your dental experience by helping you understand why Dr. Sievert would recommend a certain treatment.

Why We Use An Intraoral Camera

Our goal here at Westlake Family Dentistry is to make your experience as easy and effective as possible, which is why we use an intraoral camera in our diagnostic process. Patients have routinely expressed their appreciation of our intraoral camera. They get to see up close the state of their teeth, including problems such as cracked teeth, decay, worn-out or defective fillings, bleeding gums and plaque.

Here at Westlake Family Dentistry we service patients throughout Lake Oswego, Oregon and invite you to give a call to one of our friendly staff members. Our main phone number is (503) 386-4164. You can also shoot us a quick email with any questions that you may have.

We look forward to serving you.